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Long Distance Moving Services

Have you decided to move to a different state or city? We are sad to see you go, but happy to help you move.


We recognize that the thought of Moving a long distance is never easy because of all the items that you want to bring along with you. To ensure the safety of your items, consider booking long distance moving services from professionals such as Capital City Moving Co. We can safely transport the items of our clients in Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas to their new location anywhere in the United States. 


After your speak with a professional about your long distance (within FLORIDA) moving needs, we can collect an inventory either via email or in person in order to ensure we can provide you with an accurate cost of your move prior to the move date, so there are no surprises.

Don't go it alone...The Risk of Moving Items without professional movers.

It can be quite risky to move all of your items on your own to your new home, especially if you are moving to a different city or state that is quite far. You have to make sure that all of your items are strapped securely so that they won’t fall from your car or get scratched by the other items piled on top of each other. Moreover, you will have to drive carefully since the items might be blocking your view from behind. It would be much safer for you and your items if you just book long distance moving services from professionals like us.

We Can Safely Transport Your Items!

We use the upmost in planning and care to ensure your items are properly wrapped, blanketed, loaded and strapped securely in place to ensure a safe and comfortable ride to their new destination, no matter how far the distance. Our lead drivers are experienced, and DOT certified professionals that are ready to serve you, with the upmost in safety when driving your belongings. Our trucks are GPS equipped so we always know where they are located while in transit. Upon arrival to your new location, our professional experience crew will handle all of the proper unloading, unwrapping, and reassembly required to ensure your items are back the way they started before the move. 



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