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7 Moving Tips for Faster and Easier Moves

Packing up and moving – whether just down the street or across the country – doesn’t have to be disastrous. You need not worry, for there are some ways to pack and unpack faster, reduce the amount of work, and ultimately make the process go just a bit smoother. Here are some moving hacks for you!

1. Make a checklist.

Yep, the boy scouts were right! Life really is better when you’re always prepared. Prep ahead by creating a checklist of priorities. What you should do, when you should them, and how they to get everything done.

2. Book early.

If you're hiring moving services, make sure to book early. Waiting to do so at the last minute could mean paying a higher price, or not being able to get a truck or movers at all, particularly if it's peak moving season.

3. Set up utilities, ASAP.

You want to have electricity, water, internet, trash and other utilities set up before you move in! Finalize the date, and contact your utility providers to schedule the service.

4. Begin in advance.

Your moving in date may seem far away now, but time flies pretty fast! You can start by packing items you don’t really use every day, so that when it's finally time to move, many items will already be ready to go.

5. Save the essentials for last.

Bathroom essentials, extra clothes, medications, important paperwork – you gotta keep these items close to you. If catastrophe strikes and the moving truck gets lost, at least you’ll have them with you!

6. Label your boxes accordingly.

Putting labels on your boxes will make the unpacking part a breeze. You’ll easily find where the stuff are for the kitchen, room, bathroom, etc.

7. Hire professional movers.

Professional movers, like Capital City Moving Co, are most definitely worth the money. Our team can help you pack so much faster. You can rest assured that all your belongings will be handled with utmost care.

At Capital City Moving Co, we specialize in residential in-town moves, college student moves, retirement home moves, small and large residential moves, as well as long distance moves originating or ending in Florida. Our local office representatives will act as your personalized moving planner, we’ll start helping you as soon as you give us a call!

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