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Make Moving Your Office an Easy Transition

Office relocations can be intimidating. There’s nothing easy about transferring a team of employees, their necessities and your office’s possessions. The essentials to an office move are planning and organization, and the logistics can be downright daunting. Here are some ways to take the kinks out of what can be a bumpy road.

Form a moving committee made up of employees who are patient, organized and good at supervising others. And because the combination of moving and still performing their jobs could jangle your workers’ nerves, the committee must also be willing to keep everyone upbeat and calm.

Start packing reasonably early to avoid a last-minute rush. Divide the process into short, practical increments so your workers can pack and still perform their jobs. Start with items that aren’t used often and won’t be instantly missed. Continue on to things that are good to have at hand but not vital. Use this triage method until you’re down to stuff that must wait until the move date.

Hire professionals to pack your large, bulky electronic equipment that, if lost or damaged, will put a huge dent in your business’s moving budget, overall budget and productivity after the move. Take photos of each piece in case you need to go through a claims process.

Use heavy, bright masking tape to color-code each box according to its department and give each employee a number to write on the boxes for which he/she will be responsible. Inventory and tag furniture, equipment and office supplies according to which section they belong to.

Capital City Moving Co. is first-class in its field. It’s made up of perfectionists whose main mission is customer satisfaction. It’s got the commercial and residential moving processes down to a science. Count on Capital City Moving Co to guide you every step of the way.

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